Waking Up The World (2003)
Review by Karl Watson

This is kind of a strange one to review. The original CBC documentary is probably the greatest piece of film about BA ever created. The concert footage features some fantastic 5 star performances. So why only give the DVD 3 stars?

When the Waking Up The World DVD was first announced, I started dreaming of the possibilities. They could've made it a 2 disc set, with a complete concert from the 1992 tour on one disc and an extended cut of the CBC documentary on the second. There were a few different cuts of the documentary in circulation so to create an extended cut wouldn't have required too much effort. Think I'm expecting too much? Well just go and look at some DVD packages from other artists and you will see how much they give their fans on each DVD set.

The Waking Up The World DVD was originally scheduled for released in 2003, but was eventually given out to the fan club members when they renewed their membership in 2007. There was no word on what the content was so no one knew what to expect.

So you can understand my (and many others') disappointment when the DVD finally arrived and it only featured a shortened version of the documentary plus live performances already featured on the So Far So Good (And More) package and in the original documentary. There was nothing new, we'd seen it all before.

On top of this the artwork is in the style of the 2000/01 era, instead of the the 1991/93 era, and once again, the track listing features some typos. Is it so much effort to get it right?

That's the key word here: effort. With a bit more effort this DVD could've been the greatest Bryan Adams DVD package by a long shot. Instead it's just mediocre.

Key Tracks:
House Arrest
Summer Of '69


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