An inventory of current show gear + previously used gear:

GUITARS (current):
(All guitars are tuned down a half-step and have floating tremolos)
’65 Fender 3-tone Sunburst Strat ('04 & '06)
’57 Fender Black Reissue matching headstock Strat ('97 & '05)
’62 Fender Black Reissue Strat ('04-'06)
Fender Pewter Custom Shop Strat ('91-'98 & '04-'06)
’04 Fender White standard Strat (Room Service Guitar) ('04-'06)
’60 Gretsch Orange Stain G6120 Nashville Western Stain ('90-'98 & '05/'06)
’60 Gretsch Cadillac Green G6196 Country Club ('05-'06)
Two Moon RD3 Acoustic Guitars ('05-'06)
Two Taylor 514ce Guitars ('04-'06)
Rickenbacker 330 Burgundy Red ('05-'06)

Two ‘60’s Vox AC30 2x12 amps (Fawn - W/ Vox Greenback Celestion Speakers)
Marshall JTM-45 Head with 4x12 cabinet
Vox AC30 2x12 Hand-wired Amps

Pete Cornish Pedal Board

Pete Cornish MU-TRON III
Pete Cornish Routing and Switching System (Built in effects- Pete Cornish TB-83 Extra-on all the time Distortion, Chorus, Ibanez TS-9, Boss CCE-2)
Pete Cornish Power Distribution Unitf
Korg DTR-1 Rack Tuner
Three Shure UR4S Wireless Receivers (Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, and Spare)
EMO Systems RK1 Rack Light
Peterson Model R490 Strobe Tuner


Electric and Acoustic Labella (.012-.014-.018-.030-.040-.050)

’60 Fender Cherry Red Strat (Waking Up The Neighbours Tour - BA's fav guitar)
’57 Fender White Reissue Strat Match/ Headstock (18 Til I Die Tour)
’57 Fender 2-tone Sunburst Strat (Waking Up The Neighbours Tour)
Fender Lucite Custom Shop Strat (18 Til I Die Tour)
Fender Platinum Strat Match/Pick Guard (18 Til I Die Tour)
’60 Gibson Wine Red Les Paul (Reckless Tour)
’60 Gretsch 2-Tone Cadillac G6118 Anniversary (Waking Up The Neighbours Tour)
’60 Gretsch White Falcon G7593 (18 Til I Die Tour)
’60 Gretsch Red Sparkle G6129 TR (18 Til I Die Sleeve)
’90’s Guild JF55 w/ custom B12G Bigsby Vibrato ('97-'04)
90’s Guild JF55-12 w/ custom B12G Bigsby Vibrato
90’s Guild D-55
‘90’s Guild DV52 (Room Service Tour)
‘60’s Gibson J-180 Everly Brothers (18 Til I Die-MTV Unplugged)
‘60s Gibson Dove (BA's favourite acoustic)
Martin 000-48
30's Gibson National Style O Dobro (MTV Unplugged)
Taylor 714ce
90's Taylor 614ce
'62 Fender White Percussion Bass (Best Of Me Tour)
'62 Fender Silver Percussion Bass (Best Of Me Tour)
'62 Fender Gold Percussion Bass (Best Of Me Tour)
Sadowsky Cream Vintage 4 Bass
Hofner Beatle Bass (Gift From Keith)

Fender Tone Master Head (Room Service Tour)
Fender 4x12 Cab (Room Service Tour)
Fender ’57 Twin (18 Til I Die Tour)
Marshall VBA 400 Bass Head (Best Of Me Tour)
Marshall 4x12 Cab (Best Of Me Tour)

Marshall SE100 Stereo Emulator (91-04 Tour)
Hi-Watt Custom 50 Head Rack Mounted (91-04 Tour)
Peterson Model R450 Strobe Tuner (91-04 Tour)
Rocktron Hush IICX (91-04 Tour)
Samson UHF Synth 5 Wireless Receiver (??-06 Tour)
Peterson Model R490 Strobe Tuner (Guitar Tech Davie Robertson’s Gear)


An inventory of current show gear + previously used gear:

GUITARS (current):
‘90’s Fender Black Strat (Texas Special Pickups)
‘90’s Fender Shoreline Gold Strat (Texas Special Pickups)
'57 Gibson Black Les Paul Custom (3 Pickups)
'57 Gibson Black Les Paul Custom (2 Pickups)
'72 Fender Black Telecaster Custom
Gibson Cherry ES-335
Gibson 'Flying V' Black
90's Gretsch Silver Jet
'65 Gibson Reissue SG ('The Fool' - Made famous by George Harrison)
Ramirez classical cutaway

Two Marshall JCM-900 Head (Rack Mounted)
Four Marshall 4x12 cabinet
Two Marshall 1959SLP Plexi Head
Two Vox AC30 CC Head (Rack Mounted)
Vox AC30 Hand-wired Amps (Smaller Gigs)

Bob Bradshaw Foot Controller
Dunlop Controller Pedal

CAE 4x4 Audio Controller
T.C. Electronic D-two Delay
Dunlop Crybaby Wah
CAE Tremolo half rack unit
Shure U1 Wireless Reciever

BOSS CH-1 Chorus
BOSS DD-5 Delay
BOSS CS-3 Compression Sustainer
BOSS PH-3 Phase Shifter
H+K Rotoshere Leslie effect
Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer
Lovetone Brown Source

Electric Labella nickel wound sets (.012-.050)
Acoustic D’Addario Extra Light Bronze sets (.010-.046)
Classical (?)

’57 Gretsch Western Stain G6120 Nashville
‘90’s Gretsch Gold G6120KS Keith Scott Nashville
Gretsch G7593 White Falcon (18 Til I Die Tour)
Gretsch G6136TBK Black Falcon
‘60’s Fender 3-Tone Sunburst Stratocaster
Fender Fiesta Red Strat (Waking The Neighbours -18 Til I Die Tour)
Fender 3-Tone Sunburst Strat (Waking The Neighbours -18 Til I Die Tour)
’62 Fender 3-Tone Sunburst Telecaster (Into The Fire - Waking The Neighbours Tour)
Gibson Vintage Burst Les Paul (18 Til I Die Tour - Room Service)
Gibson Gold Top Les Paul (Waking The Neighbours - Room Service Tour)
PRS Cherry SE Standard w/ Tremolo (Waking The Neighbours - 18 Til I Die Tour)
'76 Fender White Stratocaster ('The Beast'-Keiths Favorite Guitar. Used in the early days and on the 'Please Forgive Me' video, has had the neck and middle pickups removed and bridge pickup replaced with a humbucker.)
Gretsch G6022 Orange Stain Rancher (MTV Unplugged)
Gretsch G6022C/ 12 Orange Stain Rancher (MTV Unplugged)
National Sunburst Duolian (Dobro - MTV Unplugged)
Martin Dreadnaught (D-? - MTV Unplugged)
Slide Guitar W/ custom Electric Pickup Installed (MTV Unplugged- Manufacturer Unknown)
Fender Telecoustic

Fender Tone-Master Heads (Room Service Tour)
Fender 4x12 Cabinets
Hybrid Hiwatt / Vox AC30 (Hiwatt Preamp / AC30 Power Section/ 1x12 Celestion Speaker)
Hybrid Hiwatt / Vox AC30 (Rack-mounted -Runs Left and Right Stereo Feeds)
Marshall JCM-900 Heads
Hiwatt Custom 100 Heads
Two Cabinets (1x12 Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker)

Lexicon PCM-60 Reverb
Korg SDD 3300 Triple Delay
Rocktron Hush Unit
Rane PE-15 Mixer

Ibanez Tube Screamer (Into The Fire - ?)
Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face (Into The Fire - ?)


'62 Fender 3-tone sunburst percussion bass
'62 Fender Red percussion bass
'62 Fender Silver percussion bass

Ampeg SVT-CL Head
Two Ampeg SVT Heads
Two Ampeg 8x10 Cabinets

D.I. Box
Amps Mute Switch

Samson UHF Synth 5 Wireless Receiver

Quick BA guitar facts:

* Adams’ preferred guitar is the USA Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, which is the most bought guitar ever in history and designed by Leo Fender in the 1950’s. It started out as the working class man’s guitar, because they were much cheaper than the more expensive Les Paul Gibson, but soon after Jimi Hendrix made it famous, it evolved to be the main rock-guitar all over the world.

* Adams bought his first electric Stratocaster in the late 1960’s, a late 50’s sunburst model.

* 'Into The Fire' & 'Waking Up The Neighbours' were all recorded with Fender Stratocasters by both Keith & Bryan on all tracks, with only 2 or 3 exceptions.

* The first 4 albums were mainly recorded, using the Gretsch and Les Paul Gibson guitars. The albums '18 Til I Die' & 'Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron' came together with a mix of all three (Strats, Les Paul Gibson, Gretsch) models, whereas 'On A Day Like Today' was very different as the only album, having both Bryan and & Keith use mostly the Gibson guitar.

* A little box with an antenna is seen on the back of Adams & Keith’s guitar straps during gigs, as it allows them to run around instead of getting lost in a caos of chords on stage. They work simply by transmitting the guitar to a soundboard and from there to each amplifiers.

* Little know facts are that, Adams, himself actually plays lead (solo) guitar on tracks like 'C’mon C’mon C’mon', 'Here I Am', 'Before The Night Is Over', 'Hidin’ from Love', 'Wastin’ Time', 'Give Me Your Love'.

* Tracks like 'Black Pearl', 'The Only Thing', 'Heat of The Night', 'The Only One', 'Somebody', 'Another Day', 'I Think About You', '18 Til I Die' (cool rhythm solo) and 'Long Gone' features Adams on lead/wah guitar!

* A very simple set-up, is still Adams’ preferred sound-design when it comes to guitars. As a teen he already started using an old VOX AC30 amplifier. Today his setup haven’t changed, and a good old VOX amp directly to connection the big Marshall amps, which are one of the most well-known head-amps for that rock artists use.

* BA dosen’t use very complicated amp/sound designs, as he thinks it makes the guitar itself dissapear in the mist of guitar effects and all the different hissing coming from all the channels. So he sticks with a simple direct-to-amp design.

* Rolling Stone magazine once described Adams’ lead-abilities as 'Very unique with a very bluesy yet raw melodic playing style'.

* The Stratocaster is known for it’s very steel rhythm sound with a deep fat bottom, which makes it an ultimate rock-music guitar, that allows an artist to switch from lead to rhythm easily transferring sounds without losing that special edge from each of the two playing styles.

* Les Paul Gibson and Gretsch guitars have a lot more warmth and crisp sound with not much of that more raw/steel sound to it. It depends on what kinda music you play and the different songs; that makes you chose certain guitars for certain songs.

* Bryan has his black Stratocaster specifically tuned for 'Run To You', and in the early 90’s a rosewood for 'When The Night Comes' & 'Thought I’d Died And Gone To Heaven' were used.

* In 2002 Fender UK launced the Bryan Adams Signature Stratocaster Model feat. Adams’ very own preffered/chosen fretboard, pick-ups design etc.

* As time have passed it’s obvious that Keith is using a lot more Les Paul Gibson guitars than ever, since the start of the three-piece band formation and still the case with the new 5-piece.

* guitars have launched a Keith Scott Signature Model Guitar, that’s based on Keith’s very own prefferences and thereby mainly his favourite; 6120 Nashville model (see picture up above on the right).

* BA, who's almost always used Marshall amps, switched when the new full-band came together in November 2002; to Fender Amplifiers. It sounded different at gigs, it's a small detail, but nonetheles a 'huge ba detail' as he's been a Marshall Amps trademark guy, though Fender amps are the 3rd most sold amps in the world, with Marshall on the first spot.

* Keith uses a Korg Multi Effects Board, and separate "chorus delay", and "disturtion" by Boss and Yahama.. And, an old standard 70's Wah pedal.

* BA uses his special made with Pete Cornish, guitar-switch board, that also works as a normal effects pedal board by Japanese renown Boss and furthermore he uses a single Wah pedal using Overdrive/Distortion on the side.

* Between 1998 and 2002 Bryan played bass in the band during live gigs. He used a Fender Precision bass and often used a '58 or '59 model in the studio to record bass because they were so controllable. Effects wise when playing the Precision live, Bryan used a fuzz pedal to occasionally blow the roof off when he needed too!

* Bryan is self taught on the guitar and the first song he learned to play was 'House Of The Rising Sun'

* Bryan's favourite guitars are his 1960 cherry red sunburst Strat, his 1960 Les Paul, his Gretsch 6120, his Gibson Dove acoustic and his 1964 Hofner Beatle bass.

* Bryan's string selection is 10, 14, 17, 30, 40, 50....which is also what Keith Scott uses.

* Adams has always used the heavy (fat) strings, because they make for a longer stay in-tune during gigs.

* Check out the Wembley 1996 gig. On the track 'Touch The Hand' Keith Scott showcases not only his fantastic abilities, but also what cool/incredible sounds you can get out of a guitar, simply by teasing your amps and going up and down the fretboard on your guitar.


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The picture above is of BA using his 'platinum' Fender strat given to him by his record company in 1995 for selling a lot of albums basically. He used to use it all the time for b-stage performances on the '18 Til I Die' tour......very nice guitar.

This is Keith's signature Gretsch guitar...6120 Nashville model.